Snooping Around, Part 1: Desks

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for new blogs to peruse and I noticed that what I was really looking for was an outlet for my nosiness. I just love love love looking around real people’s houses, wardrobes, beauty cabinets etc. etc. I’m not a fan of celebrity gossip, but I’m quite happy to read all about your beauty routines, favourite wardrobe items and, in general, to see (preferably with the aid of many photographs) how one’s personality is reflected in their home, routine and treasured possessions.

Magazines will always be one of my main sources of inspiration, but one of the many wonders of blogs is that we are no longer limited to exploring the [often] airbrushed lives of the rich and famous; we can also glimpse into the life of the Average Joe. And what’s really great about that is that the Average Joe is very rarely just “average”.

In the next few posts, I’m going to share some of my favourite curiosity-quenchers in the hope that you will find as much inspiration in them as I do 🙂 First up, we have desks. Yes, you read that right: desks.

[From the desk of…]

I spent hours scouring the interweb for this, knowing that there must be a well-connected soul in the blogosphere with a penchant for desks and workspaces.

From the desk of… is a blog that is, in the words of it’s creator, Kate Donnelly, ‘dedicated solely to the canvas of the Desk’. As Donnelly says, the desk, for many of us, is a ‘second or third home’, somewhere where ‘hours upon hours pass’. And, for that reason, I love looking at people’s desks. There’s something incredibly personal about the way you lay out your desk, and the things that you choose to be surrounded by during your working day.

The blog seems to be populated mainly by creative types (lots of Macs), and, as well as the obligatory desk photos, there are also photos of some of the work that’s been produced there, and an accompanying interview to give a bit more context. It’s interesting how often the ‘feel’ of the workspace is reflected in the ideas that are conceived there (though I guess that’s not too surprising!). As well as picking up storage and decoration tips, it’s a treasure trove for inspiration when you’re lacking ideas (look around the desk too – posters on the wall, the chair, furnishings etc.). With all this deskspiration, I’m semi-dreading the time when I have my own space to decorate!

[Below, click on the photos to go the relevant blog posts. All photos from]

I couldn’t choose a favourite, but isn’t the blackboard behind this desk brilliant? I love that screensaver, too.

Photo: Justin David Cox's Desk

And when your bike is this awesome, why not display it like art?! Oh, right, there’s no space for it anywhere else? Coulda fooled me… 

Photo: Matt Moore's Desk

I like the wall behind this one… 

Photo: Timothy Goodman's Desk